Business conference for executives & leaders
Dorpat Conference Centre, Turu 2, Tartu
Smart Manufacturing Meetup started in 2017 and has grown in volume and quality. We focus on delivering value to business executives. Inspiration, exchange of experience and business contacts are the core of Smart Manufacturing Meetup.
This year’s event will focus on leadership & strategy – fundamental part of every successful enterprise.
Company strategies concern how to grow the business, satisfy customers, outcompete rivals, respond to changing market conditions, manage each functional piece of the business and develop needed organisational capabilities. Strategy making is a fundamentally market-driven and customer-driven entrepreneurial activity.
To have a successful company all you need is a good strategy, right?
There is a famous quote by Peter Drucker “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. And this leads us to the next fundamental part of a successful organisation – leadership. 
Most organisations have the intellectual horsepower, knowledge and experience required to excel. It’s the ability to integrate these elements that is the missing link. Powerful teamwork can only take place in a culture where people willingly tune their individual agenda to common goals. Creating such an environment is a call for leadership. 
Smart Manufacturing Meetup participants have valued educational talks from business leaders all over the world and new business contacts during networking. 
This year we have partnered with JCI World Congress that will host around 5000 participants from all over the world. SMM is an official part of JCI World Congress and is expecting around 160 executives and business leaders.


"This conference provided a bird eye view on the Smart Manufacturing in Estonia and Nordic, as well created an exciting opportunity to meet with the huge amount of leaders and innovators from different sectors of manufacturing."
- Aleksandr Miina (Lean, CEO)
"Smart Manufacturing Meetup is best event to meet people with vision, experience and inner-drive to reshape the industry."
- Mihkel Tedremaa (Ericsson, Head of Product Technology)
"Smart Manufacturing Meetup conference is excellent. Practical and interesting case studies from inspiring speakers. Looking forward to next SMM conference."
- Karin Rex (Conectra, Sales Manager)
"The perfect place to meet with other business leaders, listen their stories and to learn from other's experiences. The positive vibe of Tartu gives extra value to the event."
- Eveli Opmann (Estiko-Plastar, CEO)
"Speakers were very good and topics covered were spot on. Conference covered a lot of sectors and potential business contacts add a tremendous value to SMM."
- Silver Rõõmussaar (UPM Kymmene, Member of the Board)