Why Tartu Region

Digital thinking

We know how to implement ICT solutions in products and services

We are agile and fast

Thanks to compact environment we can test and launch new products fast

Room to grow

Most competitive tax system in the world and well-developed infrastructure support business growth


Economically attractive

Infrastructure, wages and cost for starting are very competitive

Tartu at a glance

Tartu region embodies wisdom – here you will find one of the best universities in Europe and many top-level scientific institutions and research laboratories. Intelligent people generate smart ideas and that is the reason why start-ups and smart manufacturing companies are booming here.

Tartu is a city where

  • 1st city to implement mobile parking (2000)
  • 1st city in the world to build broadband network connecting to all schools and public buildings 100mbit (2000)
  • Paperless government since (2003)
  • 1st e-Elections in the world (2005)
  • 1st Fully electric taxi service (2012)
  • Participative budgeting (2013)

Since 2016, Tartu is hosting the largest start-up festival in the Baltics “sTARTUp Day”

Intellectual capital of Estonia has great talent pool

It is the human capital that has served as the driving growth force of the city over the centuries. The extensive educational system and the high standard of R&D institutes have provided our companies with smart workforce and unique products.

We have over 16 400 university students and over 7000 students in vocational studies. Tartu has a total of 11 institutions of higher education, 5 centres of excellence and 3 competence centres which keeps us at top level regarding science and R&D. More than 60% of the total Estonian research potential is concentrated in the region. Workforce is reliable, productive and competent in design, engineering and services.

Good, friendly and safe environment

To feel the special aura of the city you must take time to try everything Tartu offers. It is the city with long history and cultural traditions, modern architecture and green parks, good thoughts and courageous actions.

The milieu of a medieval hanseatic city comes to life with the Tartu Hanseatic Days in June when knights, merchants and minstrels appear in the streets and start to act. Just half an hour south of Tartu are the hundreds of forested hills and small lakes of the Otepää highland – this is the most popular winter sport area of Estonia and this is where many Tartu people have their summer cottages.

Tartu is also extremely competitive with prices and that is why Business Insider (2017) ranked us the cheapest city to live in among all EU cities.

e-Estonia & m-Tartu

Estonia as a digital nation is a frontrunner in the world regarding ICT solutions. Tartu offers all the benefits of e-Estonia and m-Tartu.

Successful countries need to be ready to experiment. Building e-Estonia as one of the most advanced e-societies in the world has involved continuous experimentation and learning from our mistakes. Estonia sees the natural next step in the evolution of the e-state as moving basic services into a fully digital mode. This means that things can be done for citizens automatically and in that sense invisibly.

Digital Nation

Cyber Security

Data Embassy

Intelligent Transport

Raporting 3.0

Cross-Border Data Exchange

Health 4.0

Teaching Digitalization

Real-Time Economy


Industry 4.0


Tartu has been at the forefront of building the virtual infrastructure – the city had the world’s first mobile-phone payment for car parking. By now the m-Tartu project extends to many other m-services, plus applications for mobile positioning system. For example we have a systems like ARNO (Tartu educational services managing system), paperless city government, applications for city transport etc.. Small population and good techical know-how makes us a very good location to create and test-lauch new innovative products and services.

Becoming an e-resident will change the way you can operate your business

The Internet and the new e-economy is equally being embraced by the commercial, governmental and financial sectors of Estonia. There are already around 27 000 e-residents who have created over 4200 companies. https://e-resident.gov.ee/

Estonia is leading the way in the technology revolution through the Baltic States and with the continual inflow of foreign investments, the future of e-Estonia looks very promising.