Regional Initiatives to Promote Employment and Entrepreneurship

Activities carried out under this program contribute to the measure “Strengthening the Competitiveness of Regions” – the growth of economic activity, including the growth of employment and entrepreneurship outside the urban areas of Tallinn and Tartu.

The purpose of the grant is to increase entrepreneurial activity and employment, and to foster young entrepreneurship awareness by complementing national support measures and taking into account the specificities of the county and the needs of stakeholders.

The results are measured by GDP growth, number of entrepreneurs and educational institutions that have participated in and benefited from the activities.

The project may include activities that have a reasonable impact on the objectives of the action in a county or in a larger region and which are aimed at:

  • increasing business activity and attracting new investments;
  • the development of businesses that create jobs that create added value or increase the added value of existing jobs;
  • job creation and retention;
  • labor force development and activation;
  • raising young people’s awareness and interest in entrepreneurship;
  • other problems outlined in the county development plan or strategy.

The project must not include:

  • investment in infrastructure development;
  • activities that, given their content and objectives, will be funded by the respective national support measures.