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    Consultation Services

    We advise our clients through Entrepreneurship awareness program

    Tartu Business Advisory Services together with Enterprise Estonia carry out this projects to boost regional entrepreneurial activity.

    We offer consultation services to potential, starting and already existing entrepreneurs. In order to raise the knowledge and skills of start-up and already existing entrepreneurs in different fields of activity, we organize basic training, mentoring club, business day, etc.

    Our services for entrepreneurs:

    • starting a company (financing possibilities, starting a company, documents and regulations to start, etc)
    • consulting existing businesses (co-financing projects, partner sourcing, HR, etc)
    • export consultation
    • business plan valuation and consultation
    • business idea analysis
    • financial forecasting consultation
    •  marketing plan consultation

    The aim of the project is to help Estonian entrepreneurs to develop and produce more efficiently and with higher value added products and services in order to be internationally competitive and to increase exports.

    As a result of supporting activities, awareness of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in the wider context of society is growing; entrepreneurial competence of entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs; the number of business contacts grows with potential partners in the foreign and domestic markets and the contact network has developed and strengthened; the relevant support services and information provided by the business support structure will be improved.

    Entrepreneurship awareness and entrepreneurship activities are funded by the European Regional Development Fund.