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    PATEE 2015-2016

    The main objective of PATEE program is to foster economic growth and employment outside of metropolitan areas and their vicinity. Tartu Business Advisory Services has created an action plan that focuses on three main themes: networking, investments, raising entrepreneurial awareness.

    With active enterprises, the action plan activities are aimed primarily at SMEs in the metal, wood and food sectors (small and medium-sized enterprises). The objective of the plan is to increase the competitiveness of the company, to find and develop its development potential and increasing the efficiency of production and marketing that also has a positive effect on export. These activities help with maintaining and creating new jobs.

    The main focus of attracting FDI to Tartu County is on pro-active activities. In co-operation with local municipalities of Tartu County, we  develop infrastructure (real estate, residential areas, living environment), actively market the business environment outside Tartu’s urban area and marketing the county as a whole. Comprehensive marketing materials for the whole county are being compiled, marketing events are organized on a regular basis. Continuously interacting with companies operating in the region both in key sectors (metal, wood, food industry), in order to find solutions to problems that hinder their development. We are also seeking appropriate investors who would invest in before-mentioned focal sectors and would fill the missing value chain link.
    As a result of the activities, the number of potential investors, who see Tartu County as a suitable location, has grown.

    The goal of activities aimed at increasing entrepreneurship activity is to increase the share of people who want to become entrepreneurs (including schoolchildren) and increase entrepreneurial activity in Tartu County, the development of a business-friendly society.
    Young people in peripheral regions of the county will be given equal opportunities to take part in business awareness raising and awareness raising activities, which will take place in the county center in Tartu.
    An additional entrepreneurial event is organized on the basis of the time resources of the salaried employees, which is the optimal amount of two inspirational events per year (this is supplemented by the various Business Week organized by the State Enterprise and organized by Tartu University).

    PATEE program is financed by European Regional Development Fund and Tartu County Municipality Union. The total cost of the project during 2015-2016 is 110 468 EUR.